patriarchy lessons

Letter to the Gay Boy Tola II

You can’t call me a bitch. Just because you use female pronouns amongst yourselves sometimes and I’ll sometimes use male pronouns — and none of us is trans — doesn’t mean that you are a woman too or just like a woman. You can’t call me bitch. You can’t ask me if I wax my hoohaa. (Kya tum apni chirrya saaf karti ho jani?”) You can’t grab my boobs and then say, “I’m gay, baji. It doesn’t matter.”

You’re a man. You benefit from patriarchy. You don’t have a right to invade my body just because you don’t fuck women. You can’t cuss at me just because you say about yourself, “I’m a sensitive girl, you know.” You’re not entitled to intimate knowledge about me just because you talk about the vagaries of your penis all the time.

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