alhamdulillah | الحمدلله il'Allah | الى الله lillah | لله qur'an | القرآن

Who is my advocate?

رَبُّ المشرِقِ والمغرِبِ لا الهَ إلّا هُوَ فاتَّخِذُهُ وَكِيلاً

the rabb of the east and the west, there is no god but him so take him as your advocate


I was in Qur’an class today with my teacher. We were studying a different surah, but she spoke about this surah as something we’ll start next class, and then we listened to the qirat of this surah, up to this ayat. So Surah Muzammil, 73:1-9.

I found it deeply moving and reassuring, in a time where I’m having trouble going to prayer, but I’m dying to be close to God, that this is the ayat my heart stopped at.

God of the east. That’s here, where I am. Where all of us in the class are. Which was wonderful, because our interpretations come from elsewhere when they liberate us, and from home when they hurt us. And we’ll change that.

God of the west. Where we are told and we believe that knowledge comes from, forward-moving comes from, learning come from. Us, the colonized.

There is no God besides Him. So take him as your advocate.

God is my advocate. It’s so crucial to my sad and fearful heart. God is my advocate. God will tell them when they hurt me, God will fight for me. God speaks for me. God is there for me. And with me.

I am queer and the Qur’an is mine. Alhamdulillah. I love you, Allah.

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