alhamdulillah | الحمدلله difficulty | مشکل tarot

The Call

Shuffling Ostara Tarot deck, a deck I haven’t introduced myself to officially yet, or introduced to myself. A deck that’s been traveling a lot and far to get to me. Many cities, an ocean, a great big carbon footprint.

Out pops the Magician. Sideways. I righted her, though.

Ostara Tarot – I – The Magician

What began was an uncomfortable investigation in an uncomfortable moment. And I think it generated a new tarot spread.

Card 1: The Call

The first card that pops up, throws itself at you, slips gently out, turns over in a shuffle fumble: the first card that shows up on its own without being pulled is the card that is calling you. Calling you up; calling you out; calling you to; calling you from, or for, or with.

The Magician is the call to concentrate, to “use your power or let it languish” the Ostara book says. Stop futzing around over the process and get to it. You have everything to begin. Now begin.

The call to be is to be a conduit, in your power, confident.

The call to do is to concentrate, focus.

Card 2: The Question and Response

Ask a question that comes out of the call. To open the call, to bring it in, to understand it, to challenge it. To whine. To resist.

Question: What about the pain?

5 of Cups Reversed: Spills your fears. The lessons have been learned. Ostara Tarot.

Answer: Spill your fears. Whatever was going to be learned is learned, whatever you were worried about has happened. Snakes have been by, it’s all happened. “The road to healing lies before you now.”

Card 3: Okay but…

Ask the actual clarifying question.

Okay but there’s too much of a need to hold it all tight. I feel like a 4 of Pentacles, tightly held together, balanced and precarious and constrained. I can’t let go fears and still function.

Answer: Knight of Wands

Knight of Wands – Ostara Tarot

“Full-on pursuit of an idea” with committment and energy. Growing cofidence, new ability to handle challenges.

be: confident and passionate

do: focused pursuit

Card 4: And so one more thing though.

The heart of the matter probably resides here. This is what is most worrying, the one that you wait till the end to deal with, before you finally cave to the call, submit to the call.

Question: And so what about me and my love?

Answer: King of Pentacles. Who is meditative, consistent, dutiful. Avarice and overthinking are a concern, but the root of the card is the slow build, the long view, the diligent, piece-by-piece building of the wealth of live, in harmony with the earth. But that power is deep, and powerful, and can take over. Mastery over the material can lead to consuming too much, being consumed, being devoured by your own mastery. Balance is essential at all times. Be a bee, not a wendigo. I think.

Card 5: So in sum, how do we understand what this call is?

2 of Wands: Stop stalling. Follow the birds, follow the passion, follow the ideas.

You have it all. Concentrate, focus, and go get it. Stop being scattered. Pull your shit together emotionally by dumping all your fears. 5 Cups Reversed means that the block that is a 5 is unblocked now. Or rather, this is how you unblock the 5 block. Turn it upside down, spill all the emotions your holding. Let them all out.

You know what you need and you know how to get it. Pull the magic together, follow the passion, take the first steps, and know that we’re going, we’re building, we’re making, we’re healing, we’re growing. Slow and steady, build with small magics.

Alhamdulillah wa Allahu ‘Alim | الحمد لله و الله عالم

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