il'Allah | الى الله qibla | قبله qur'an | القرآن

Sign, Symbol, Signifier

Accidentally, without noticing, I was using Qur’anic verses as guides to my day. I decided, somehow, that whatever thought process or algorithm or randomizer operates the “ayat of the day” feature of most Muslim and Qur’an apps was somehow also/in actuality a sign from God to pay attention to. And then I would contemplate it.

Now, getting into Tarot, I’m thinking that about faal nikalna and I’m thinking about the idea that if you did pick an ayat a day at random or by some kind of non-rational means, what would happen? Is it okay for it to signify something to you? From the Divine?

And even if you don’t, is there a way to see the ayat as the sign that it is, sitting in the moment that you’re in now? By sign that it is I mean that the word ayat itself means sign in Arabic. So it acutally Is a Sign of God. What do you do then, fully in the moment with that Sign of God?

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