difficulty | مشکل dua | دعا gharana | گھرانہ

News of some sort

A friend’s childhood abuser died today. Of multiple shitty injuries. Before I knew it was him that died, I already sent on a prayer for his easy passing into Allah’s grace. I didn’t take it back once I found out, but. I apologized to my friend for the prayer. My friend replied that it’s okay, we have to pray.

I’m glad he’s dead and that he died of horrible illnesses and auzubillah because that’s a horrible feeling to put out in the world any of us can be abusers. All of us have been. Of some kind. Haven’t we? Or am I easing my conscience? There’s a good bedtime question. Ugh.

My friend is free now in certain spaces. Family spaces. Freer. I pray free.

Allah protect us from this.

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