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Queer Girls, Sad Girls

Queer girls, sad girls. Trying to live right. Trying to find Allah. Trying to find home. Trying to make the family happy, trying not to get in trouble, get hurt. Trying not to bring shame. Bring anguish. Bring devastation and humiliation. Queer girls, sad girls, lost girls. Married girls, stuck in an all-too-sexful marriage, with an all-too-male man. Lost girls, hurt girls, Queer Muslim sad girls.

May they find peace, Allah. May they find courage and strength, safety and honour in their lives the way they wish to live them. May they find love, may they grow old with it. Bring them out of pain, Allah. Bring them out into the light of your Love. Ya Wadud. Bring them into your love. May they find you, Allah, wherever they turn because

أَيْنَمَا تُوَلُّوا فَثَمَّ وَجْهُ اللَّهِ

Free her, Allah, the one I’m praying for first. Free her from her fears, her angers, her losses, her hurt, and bring her into the light of your Love. Ya Wadud.

Free her from fear of familial humiliation. Bring her intro strength and her self.

Protect her from hurt. Protect others from her when she is hurt. Ya Rahman. Ya Rahim. Ya Ghafur. Forgive her. Free her.

Thank you for freeing my love, and bringing her into my arms. Ya Rahman. Ya Rahim. Ya Wadud. Ya Salam.

Subhan Allah. W’alhamdulillah. W’Allahu Akbar.



The featured image is a screenshot from a cancelled video game called Sadness, preserved at the archive I don’t have money right now, but if you do, consider donating something to them. Archives are always worth sustaining.

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