qur'an | القرآن

Qur’an means recitation

Yesterday I started reading the Qur’an. I Arabic I mean, the way we were taught as kids. I read nisf (half) sipara yesterday and finished it today. It felt good. Like it did when I was a kid. I felt real.

I’m trying to get into the habit of saying my prayers. I’m doing it one prayer at a time. Starting with Asr. I’ve done it less than a week. And I missed yesterday because I wad stuck in traffic. And I didn’t say qaza. Don’t know why.

My partner has started to learn from a Sufi shaykh. She has a daily charge to complete which includes Qur’an recitation. She does it every night. I want to as well. So I’m trying.

I need to get closer. I’m done having my queerness and my Islam fight. Allah made both. That’s the only truth I need to think through.

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